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  Temujin Handicrafts Co. Ltd
main product Wooden hair comb,hair brush ,Bamboo Comb,Hair Brushes,hair horn comb, Wooden Cosmic Mirror,Bamboo Rulers and wooden cosmetc brushes,.etc. It's one of the largest production base of in AnHui province, P.R. China. Our wooden comb,Bamboo Comb,Hair Brush,Bamboo Ruler,Wood Mirror,Magnetic Dart board and Magnetic Target has been sold in large and middle cities all over China and also exported to Japan,Corea(Korea),United States,Europe,Tailand,Hong Kong,Taiwan,Southeast Asiamore than twenty countries and Districts.

  Our hair comb is made of ebony,green sandalwood,Chinese little leaf boxwood, nanmu, sandalwood, pear wood,peach tree wood,silk floss and other natural famous materials, etc. natural elements and is traditionally handcrafted through more than twenty procedures. The tooth of the comb is smooth, clean, delicately shaped and is treated under combination of high temperature and high pressure which makes it show natural lustre. Its fine grain and vein make you feel comfortable. This finely made comb has many advantages such as not to pull hair, scratch scalp, no static electricity, as well as being able to excite acqupuncture point, which speeds up the blood circulation around the scalp and dredge the veins to cure insomnia, dizziness, alpecia etc.

  China Famous Doctor Chao Yuanfang of Sui Dynasty Pointed out that combing can promote blood circulation and keep you hair black. Great writer Su Dongpo had hearted experience, he said: ”Go to bed with undressed up after combing for hundreds of times, you can have a good sleep up to dawn. ”Chinese little leaf box combs are best because of its solid and wild specification. Modern medicine fungus’ growing, stop itching, get rid of dandruff. Peach tree has the saying that it can dispel bad thing. Wooden comb won’t produce static electricity and have kept you healthy and you will realize that “Wooden comb is the best choice for you forever”.

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